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using part of description for point label style?

---Quote (Originally by sinc)--- If you use a Description Format that looks like this: $+ Then you'll get what you want in your Full Description. That code says to "Use everything except for the first parameter." In Desc Keys, "parameters" are space-delimited strings. So if your Raw Desc...

Posted: by L3GO

2014 Rainscreen Modelling (Detail, Parts, Phasing, Wall families)

I am building a BIM model of a building with a marble rainscreen. I have attached details and elevations. I was wondering how I should go about modelling this in revit. I need to make an exploded axon, but at the same time I want to schedule all the pieces of the facade. Should I use parts? I want...

Posted: by matthewhickey06574367

AutoLisp programming help - COPY ROTATE PASTE

Hello, I'm trying to learn autolisp. So I'm writing a simply program to understand it better. I am using AutoCad 2007. The picture shows what I am trying to automate. I created a box entity and now I want to Copy it, Rotate the copy and Paste that copy some distance in the X coordinate. I...

Posted: by timothybarnard_22641168

2014 Point reinforcement size

Hello from Bilgaria, I am trying ASD 2014 and I am new to it.Can anybody help me with particular problem - I am drawing a beam and everything goes fine but the point reinforcement in beam sections representing main lower an top bars is too small and is not visible on paper 1:50.Is there a way to...

Posted: by en_boy640994

Intermediate points height for profile

Couldn't you learn to use [code]Your code...[/code] Code tags... Opie explained very well what should you do... Code: --------- (defun fixx ( n / remi r ) (setq remi (- n (fix n))) (if (< remi 0.5) (setq r (fix n))) (if (>= remi 0.5) (setq r (+ (fix n) 1))) r

Posted: by marko_ribar

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AUGIWorld correction

In an effort to provide AUGIWorld readers with the most timely information on the 2015 release of Revit, the articles in the April issue of AUGIWorld, the annual "What's New from Autodesk", were written based on functionality in the beta...


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Add Riser diagram for pipes and duct

Add Riser diagram to a system for pipes or Duct with all the data flow, head, velocity level by level / and isometric (inelegant) pipes system gravity and pressurized drainage system fire fighting riser diagram water supply CHW S&R duct fresh air riser exhaust air…


pipes hangers automatic

pipe/duct hanger i need to add a group of family as a content and the software use it in the pipe family routine for all the cases of the pipe / duct 1- suspention to ceiling 2- layed over i-beam


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